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Benefits of Religion in Public Education.

Religion education is very important to school children who do not get the religious teaching from their parents.

Children ae able to grow morally upright full aware of the way they should behave and and what the community at large expects of a gopod child who is raised in the fear of the religion of that particular state. The teaching in the public institutions is of high significance since the public instituions are the widely attended by many children and students in the society, many people will get the teaching on the religion and this helps reduce immorality in the society like drug addiction, sexuall immorality , robbery amongst other crimes.

Religion in public education system will help the students be able to respond to questions in line to their spiritual development. Religion being taught in public education helps the children know so many thing that are in ine with their spiritual lives and therefore they are bale to handle and challenging question that they may be facing.

the teaching of religious education in public schools helps the children develop conscience which leads to them knowing the right thing to do and when to need guidance whenever they are faced with problems and challenges that may drive them to immorality .

Moral virtues in the society, fear of God ,respect to human kind will all be fruits of teaching of the religion to the public schools.

Some communities have different negative believes about the religion , culture and the believes of other people which are always false, the religious education to the public will help people understand the different cultures and help clear the negative notions that people have on other religions. The teachings helps the children acknowledge diversity as a factor for the existence of the human kind leading to them having respect on the different values of different people hence cultural and social development.

Hate, negative judgement of other people and intolerance are very dangerous factors in a society, if not eliminated it may lead to violence and lack of understanding between different groups of people, the religious education therefore teaches on forgiveness and patience.

Religion education in public education will teach the children about moral behaviors, faithfulness, obedience and ethics, in the modern society so many professionals are very unethical in their jobs leading them to looting public resources, many marriages break at early stages due to unfaithfulness of the couples, the religion in public education system should be enhanced in order to ensure this factors sink in the students so that they can grow knowing what they are expected off professionally.

The religious education helps the students know the need for respect of personal values and beliefs as well as others.

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